Prayer… Life giving, Love giving…. NEVER ending PRAYER

I am reading a most incredible book given to me by a most incredible woman with a heart overflowing with love. The book that I am just getting into is by River Jordan, Praying for Strangers. Funny thing about it is that through the years I have done this on a much smaller scale and not sure why I was doing it. My heart just led me that way and I followed.

Many times when I am going down a street or Pier Park or running… anywhere there are other of God’s children I will offer up a quick prayer for the people I see. It makes you feel so uplifted and because I believe the prayers and thoughts are not in vain….there is power amazing power in that moment.

This spirit packed author made a Resolution to pray for a total stranger each day and the results of that are in small but SOUL LIFTING stories filled with compassion and great love. I am already touched in the first few chapters and can hardly wait for the impact that the completion of the book will bring. I suspect it will be one more affirmation that there is something so much bigger than us and that we have a far greater impact on each other than we can imagine. After all we are all formed and created from the same energy source.

Please do yourself a favor and get this book and don’t stop there get another one or two or three for friends or better yet…. Strangers.

To give you a taste of one of her thoughts that set my soul singing… here it goes. “And I wonder what my life would look like if I lived this way, walking and breathing out prayers. Blessings and peace and prayers and wonders and miracles for all that I encounter. I wonder what the city would look like if we all did that, if the world was one big cup of prayer for one day. Only one day. I wonder.” River Jordan.

I don’t want to look back and regret that there are so many people that I could have learned from along the way if I would but slow down!!! Maybe tomorrow or maybe right now I can do that and change the rest of my life into a more purposeful and meaningful life that will pave the path for a more prayerful life.

Thank you Ellen for taking the time to bless me with this book!! What a difference you made in my life and how many others as the chapters unfold. Prayer prayer wonder working LIFE giving LOVE giving prayer!!!!


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